As a Registered Piano Technician member of the Piano Technicians Guild, it has exposed me to the world of CAUT (College and University Technician). As a technician in South Texas in a small community, I can be considered a generalist. I have worked on almost anything that comes along such as refurbishing this Antique Wurlitzer Butterfly Grand to

Concert Grand

I tune many spinets and old upright pianos in the living rooms of piano students. I value my handful of customers with prized high-end Grand pianos. I service many pianos in churches and schools. Most home pianos are something for the student to learn on and does not require an instrument of concert quality. So when a Technician receives recognition like the following after tuning and preparing a piano for and artist, all the time and training to prefect the skill of tuning comes to bare.

From: Tom Basile
Sent: Monday, November 14, 2005 9:42 AM
To: Brad Kisner
Subject: FW: Your piano
From::      Leslie Bartlett
Sent:        Sunday, November 13, 2005 9:21 PM
To:           Tom Baslie
Subject:  Your piano

Dear Sir:

Strange small world....... But I am looking for the piano technician who tuned the piano in your church for the 
recent Ken Medema concert. I have a message for him. Would you please convey this to your tuner. It is from
 Ken Medema, who wrote me tonight and said, I thought of you today. We were in Corpus at first
 Methodist. Piano so beautifully tuned I thought maybe you had done it."

I have tuned for numerous local serious venues, including Ken on several occasions. He has been 
gracious regarding my tunings. I hope that you will do me the favor and see that your piano tuner knows
 that Ken was highly impressed. Good tuners are hard to find, and then they are often taken for granted.
 You are fortunate indeed to have a very high calibre tuner who does your work, and I am sure he would
 appreciate knowing that someone who REALLY is sensitive to good work has praised him highly. I'd
 be much appreciative.


Leslie Bartlett